Romanian Studies Association of America


My fondest memories pertain to meeting, networking, and collaborating with colleagues on various initiatives including co-organizing and co-chairing panels, working on publications and also giving presentations, responding to presentations, and hosting guest speakers and presenters. Thus, I was exposed to topics of my interest, but also the research of RSAA colleagues and the works of Herta Müller, who is one of the two contemporary German-Romanian authors that I discuss in my dissertation.
Anca Luca Holden
My first encounter with the amazing members of the RSAA was during a conference at the University of Bucharest. There, I learned about their affiliation to the MLA and their annual panels, and decided to participate as a member myself. Everyone is very kind, helpful and understanding, not to mention extremely well qualified in their respective fields. My collaboration with the RSAA has been pleasant, fruitful, and, most importantly, enlightening.
Andrei-Cristian Neguț
Ph.D. Student
I value tremendously the non-partisan, independent nature of the intellectual work the RSAA is disseminating. The Association aims at nurturing the production of independent scholarship on Romanian society and its North American cultural presence along with interdisciplinary inquiries that have broader relevance for East-Central Europe as well. The RSAA-sponsored panels at the MLA are prestigious venues for the articulation of timely and important engagements with what it means to be Romanian today, in Europe or in North America, beyond identity politics narrowly defined and cognizant of a need for the constant critical re-examination and reimagination of our communities at home and abroad.
Szidonia Haragos
"The Romanian Studies Association of America has been a wonderfully rich space to connect academically with others from around the world who have an interest in Romanian literature, film, culture, and history. I love all of the collaborative activities I have had the opportunity to participate in, such as organizing panels and presenting at conferences, publishing in The Romanian American Journal for the Humanities, and serving on the board."
Christene D'Anca
Ph.D. Student