Romanian Studies Association of America

RSAA Research Live!

The RSAA is pleased to announce the launch of a virtual book talk series, “RSAA Research Live!” Our book talks will focus on academic research in the Humanities and interdisciplinary aspects published by scholars specializing in Romanian and East European Studies, as well as by RSAA members working in other Humanities-related fields of inquiry.

This online book talk series will engage with topics relevant to the RSAA audiences, whose interests range from American Studies and English to Rhetoric and Communication Studies, French and Francophone Studies, Medieval Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Film Studies, Philosophy, Middle Eastern Studies, and, of course, Romanian Studies. The series will feature researchers and experts from the United States and around the globe addressing important topics proposed by the RSAA members and selected in consultation with the RSAA Executive Board.

The RSAA Book Talk Series “RSAA Research Live!” has  been established in May 2021 by a generous gift from Iza Camara. This information will be mentioned on the occasion of each live event.

Registration and webinar information is provided here and on our social media pages.