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The Romanian Studies Association of America is an international, interdisciplinary academic organization dedicated to promoting scholarship and creative work pertinent to Romanian Studies on the American continent, particularly in the United States and Canada.

In the new global era, Romanian Studies Association of America’s mission is to advance scholarship and intellectual exchanges in order to create multiple venues of academic studies on East-Central Europe and the West, to promote academic research and collaboration on all aspects of Romanian culture and civilization as well as to invite new and culturally exciting research and creative work in international contexts.

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Romanian-American scholars, whether first or second-generation, bring to their research multiple threads connected to their Romanian background. In terms of humanistic studies, most likely, cultural legacy of Romanian culture adds to academic foci, developing original approaches that carry voice and specificity to American scholarly fields, whether in literary studies, film and/or communication, along with rhetorical and discursive perspectives. In the last thirty years, there had not been enough research focus on the very nexus of Romanian-American and/or American-Romanian scholarhip and its confluences of cultural legacies within a larger perspective of their academic contribution in the mentioned fields of study.

My longstanding relationship with the Romanian Studies Association of America both as a member and as a former President of the association attests to the amazing group of scholars and their dedication to promote academic dialogue between American and Romanian studies. The RSAA long history of almost half a century of collaborative work with Modern Language Association and with universities and academic institutions and associations from all over the world make us all proud to take part in projects and research activities that define our scope and mission. I know I am one such proud academic to be part of this vibrant collective where annual scholarly panels, televised interviews, conference papers, journal articles and mentorship seminars, to name just a few of the multitude of activities, all attest to the immense value and salience of our RSAA organization!

Noemi Marin

Florida Atlantic University

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