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Translation Fund Grant

The “Iza Camara” RSAA Translation Fund has been established in May 2021 by a generous donation from Iza Camara, in response to the low number of literary translations from Romanian appearing in English. Its purpose is to promote the publication and reception of translated Romanian literature into English. The RSAA Translation Fund will help find publishers for major Romanian literature works, encourage younger translators to enter the field, and introduce English-speaking readers to new voices.

The grantees of the “Iza Camara” RSAA Translation Fund will be invited to offer a book talk in our Book Talk series and participate in our RSAA-sponsored conferences where they are encouraged to showcase their work.

Please contact us for details regarding the translation grant application.

The "Iza Camara" RSAA Translation Fund

Contact us in order to find out about eligibility, the fund itself, and the application process.

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