President’s Message

Welcome to the Romanian Studies Association of America! Created forty-five years ago, our organization encompasses world renowned scholarship on Romanian Literature and Language and its impact and influence within Eastern and Central European studies and research in the Humanities. Covering diversified research pertinent to a multitude of disciplines, such as film studies, discourse and rhetorical studies, political communication and literary and critical studies, to name a few, the Romanian Studies Association of America is growing in membership, in outreach activities to engage students and young scholars throughout the world. As Affiliated Organization to the prestigious Modern Language Association for almost half a century, our organization has become an important resource for all interested to teach, write and/or study about Romania, Moldova, and the Romanian diaspora, about their cultural, discursive and literary works and impact within global contexts.

During my presidential mandate (2019-2021), I intend to investigate new venues for our organization to grow both in visibility and in participation, to enlarge our membership pool inviting students and scholars to join, and to create even more affiliations and collaborative projects with other organizations that focus on Romania and Moldova. Additional goals are to engage our organization in extensive information exchange on scholarship from Romania and Moldova along with research on American-related studies in the area. This new website has been created to assist you visit not only our Romanian Studies Association of America scholarship and members, but also to invite you to contribute your scholarship within the framework of our mission. Please join the Romanian Studies Association of America, follow us on Facebook, and let us know your ideas and interests by contacting us at

We look forward to your feedback, to your contributions, and to your participation in events, projects, conferences and scholarly dialogue offered through Romanian Studies Association of America!


Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru