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This page lists selected articles from previous issues in the RSAA JOURNAL (ISSN#: 2572-3642).  This archive contains records from 2013 to the present.

Issue 1:1 (2018)

Roznoveanu, Mirela. Review. “The Scholar and the Poetry.

Christene d’Anca. Review. “Radulescu, Domnica. Theater of War and Exile: Twelve Playwrights, Directors and Performers from Easter Europe and Israel. North Carolina: McFarland and Company, 2015. 264 pp.

D’Anca, Christene. Review. “Translation Narratives in Englishness of Exile. Edited by Florescu, Catalina Florina and Sheng-mei Ma. New York: Lexington Books, 2017. Hardcover, 263 pp.

Ilian, Ilinca. “Traducindu-l pe Tracy K. Lewis.

Gradea, Adriana C. “Visualizing Transcendence as a Cross-Cultural Model.

Florescu, Catalina F. “Looking Away.


Issue 1:1 (2017)

Guran, Letitia. “Post-Colonial Shadows on Post-Socialist Skies.

Roznoveanu, Mirela. “Greece Travelogue (October 4-18, 2017).

Gradea, Adriana. “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Cluj.

D’Anca, Christene. Book Review. “Orlich, Ileana Alexandra. Subversive Stages: Theater in Pre- and Post-Communist Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Budapest: Central European Press, 2017. 238 pp.

D’Anca, Christene. “Distinct Aesthetics– Objects of Art as Political Markers.

Cornis-Pope, Marcel. “New Literary Hybrids in the Digital Age: Reflections on Two Recent Publication Projects that Explore Literature in Multimedia Contexts.

Dumitrescu, Domnita. “The Depth of a Vocation Beyond the Language. Interview with Alina Diaconu.

D’Anca, Christene. Book Review: “Kaplan, Robert D. In Europe’s Shadow: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Journey Through Romania and Beyond. New York: Penguin Random House, 2016, 269 pp.

Florescu, Catalina Florina . “Ebony Bones (Oase de ebonită) by Iulia Pană. Translation by Adrian G. Sahlean. Needham, MA: Global Arts Inc., 2014. 167 pp.

Roznoveanu, Mirela . Book Review. “Domnita Radulescu. Country of Red Azaleas. New York: Twelve, 2016, 308pp.


Issues 2013-2016

Margaret H. Beissinger. “Romani Performance and the Music of Celebration. Traditional Weddings in Pre- and Post-1990 Southern Romania.” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Bogdan Ştefănescu. “Postcommunism / Postcolonialism: Siblings of Subalternity. (Extracts.)” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Adriana Gradea. Creative Expressions: “The Unbearable Light of a Saturday Afternoon.” & Richard Garrett. “Moldovan Diaries.” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Mirela Roznoveanu. Travelog. “An Accidental Passage to China.” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Christene d’Anca. Book Review. “Solonari, Vladimir. Purifying the Nation: Population Exchange and Ethnic Cleaning in Nazi-Allied Romania. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009. Hardcover, 451 pp.” Issue 1:1 (2016)

Nicolae Babuts. “Folkloric Perceptions of the Bible.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Cătălina Iliescu Gheorghiu. “Narratives of Migration: the Image of Romanians in Spanish Contemporary Literature.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Lenuta Giukin. “Identities in the New Romanian Cinema.” Issue 1:1 (2015).

Noemi Marin. “Universities as Discursive Geographies.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Constantin Parvulescu. “Opening Titles and Authorship in Romanian Socialist Film.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Ilinca Ilian. “Iarna lui Gunter (Juan Manuel Marcos) în traducere românească.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Mirela Roznoveanu. Book Review. “Nicolae Babuts. Literature and the Metaphoric Universe in the Mind. Transaction Publishers, 329 pp.” Issue 1:1 (2015)

Constantin Parvulescu. Ciprian Nitu. “Challenging Communities of Values: the Peripheral Cosmopolitanism of Marian Crișan’s MORGEN.” Issue 1:1 (2014).

Monica Filimon. “Emotion, Diversion, and Memory in Videograms of a Revolution (1992)” Issue 1:1 (2014)

Domnica Radulescu. Creative Expressions. “Dream in a Suitcase, or How Theater Saved My Life.” Issue 1:1 (2014).

Lenuta Giukin. Documentary Review. “Benoni Todica: Drumul nostru (Our Journey, 2010).” Issue 1:1 (2014).

Ana-Maria Plamadeala. “Destinul intelectualilor basarabeni între refugiu şi exil.” Issue 1:1 (2013).