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Membership Application for the Romanian Studies Association of America

The RSAA board met at Austin (the MLA convention, January 2016) and took the following decision on membership: In order to assist scholars from all over the world interested to join/renew their membership in our Romanian Studies Association of America (RSAA) , the Association approved new fees and waivers in the following categories:

  1. NO FEE: For RSAA members earning between 5, 000-20, 000 USD/Year;
  2. RSAA Membership Annual Fee: 10 USD: For RSAA Members earning between 21, 000-40, 000 USD/Year;
  3. RSAA Membership Fee: 15 USD: For RSAA Members earning between 41, 000-60, 000 USD/Year;
  4. RSAA Membership Fee: 20 USD: For RSAA Members earning over 61, 000 USD/Year

* Of note that the RSAA Scale of Membership Fees has been developed using as model the MLA Fee structure system currently posted on

** RSAA Membership of 10 USD ( Category 2) translates to 40 RON (approx.) in Romanian Currency.

***By Joining/Renewing the membership, we feel we can better accommodate current and future scholars to be part of our Association. The membership fees are due by January 30 for every calendar year. You may pay your fees at the MLA convention to the RSAA secretary or the RSAA president.

Discounted RSSA and SRS Membership

The RSAA and Society for Romanian Studies (SRS) share a joint membership at $37 for full members.  This is a $17 reduced fee for the RSAA members and a $20 reduced fee for the SRS members.

For other RSAA categories, please subtract $3 from the fee dues.

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